Monthly Archive: October 2022

Dating Audrey

It’s been a little quiet around here again. But big news! I’m working with a friend from Los Angeles on a short film, and in it, I get to play a fictionalized version of Audrey.

Once the lockdowns started easing up this past spring, I started thinking of short film concepts, and one popped to mind – about a man who starts imagining Audrey Hepburn is his girlfriend.

The idea started taking form, and when I reached out to my friend Dan Hertzog, he loved the concept and together we started polishing it up into a script.

It’s been a slow process (to me!) but yesterday we finally launched our crowdfunding campaign! It will run for 30 days, and we hope to exceed our goal if possible. The film is to be shot in Paris, so transportation and lodging are a big chunk of our costs.

If you’d like to see our fancy website, click here: Dating Audrey

If you’d like to skip right to our crowdfunding campaign, click here: Seed&Spark campaign

If you can’t afford to pledge anything right now, it would help us enormously if you would just follow the campaign (click the ‘follow’ button) or help us spread the word via email, or Facebook, or even sharing our posts on Instagram (this is our Instagram profile).

I really look forward to making this film, and hope I can do a good job. My Audrey impression still needs work, but we still have several months! We plan to submit it to festivals once it’s complete, and I really want it to be something people enjoy.

I’m still not giving up hope for the TV series though. 😉