Monthly Archive: June 2023

Dating Audrey, Continued

Hello out there, void! Miss me? I really don’t know who reads this little blog. I know it was started so long ago…. beginning of 2019 I believe. So much has changed. So little has been filmed. ha.

But last year, as you might know, a friend and I began working on an idea for a short film. We did some crowdfunding and casting in the fall, and the time has almost arrived for actually shooting a short film! We will all be gathering in Paris soon to tell a brief and hopefully entertaining story, featuring Audrey as a figment of our main character’s imagination.

Honestly I’m quite nervous, because I think my imitation of Audrey could still be improved, and I really hope I can do a good job. I hope it’s work that I am satisfied with.

That’s about all I wanted to say today, really! Just letting you know I’m still here, and about to film what I like to call “my audition tape” to actually play Audrey. Although as the years drag on… sorry to say I do not lose wrinkles. 😛