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On Being Audrey

Well, we made it through our 4 days of filming in Paris! In June, I mean. And now the film is complete! I am waiting to view the final results along with many of our supporters tomorrow. It’s not too late to join us – we are still taking donations and anybody who donated is welcome to join. Click here for your “ticket” to the viewing party! If you can’t join us tomorrow, all our supporters will also get a link to watch the short film at their leisure, as well. We couldn’t have made it without your help. And the next step is to start submitting it to film festivals! Fingers crossed for Dating Audrey!

Now, I just wanted to ruminate on being Audrey. This whole short film concept came to me not only as a potentially simple story to film (originally it was to be shot entirely indoors) after the pandemic, but as an elaborate audition piece for my dream role. And as an actor – I have criticism for myself. Ha!

I did what I could in preparation for this role (not even counting the years of research that came before), but ultimately really wish I would have been able to have a coach of some sort, especially on set, as I know my own habits and mannerisms have a way of sneaking through sometimes. I spent months standing up straight, remembering my posture in ballet class and applying it to myself in everyday life. I watched myself for anxious movements and stilled myself as best I could. Audrey always seemed relaxed and in control – while I rock back and forth and chew my nails! I paid attention to Audrey’s mannerisms on film – the way she moved her head, her eyes, her mouth. Oh the mouth. I hate the way I move my mouth! And of course, I tried to perfect her tone of voice, and her accent. This was difficult and I still haven’t got it right. She doesn’t have a deep voice, but somehow mine always sounded too high.

It’s not an easy thing to completely change your mannerisms, your speech, your voice… which is why if I do get to play Audrey in something with a budget that allows, I absolutely want an “Audrey coach” by my side, so that I can really give the best performance possible. It’s what Audrey deserves.

Dating Audrey

It’s been a little quiet around here again. But big news! I’m working with a friend from Los Angeles on a short film, and in it, I get to play a fictionalized version of Audrey.

Once the lockdowns started easing up this past spring, I started thinking of short film concepts, and one popped to mind – about a man who starts imagining Audrey Hepburn is his girlfriend.

The idea started taking form, and when I reached out to my friend Dan Hertzog, he loved the concept and together we started polishing it up into a script.

It’s been a slow process (to me!) but yesterday we finally launched our crowdfunding campaign! It will run for 30 days, and we hope to exceed our goal if possible. The film is to be shot in Paris, so transportation and lodging are a big chunk of our costs.

If you’d like to see our fancy website, click here: Dating Audrey

If you’d like to skip right to our crowdfunding campaign, click here: Seed&Spark campaign

If you can’t afford to pledge anything right now, it would help us enormously if you would just follow the campaign (click the ‘follow’ button) or help us spread the word via email, or Facebook, or even sharing our posts on Instagram (this is our Instagram profile).

I really look forward to making this film, and hope I can do a good job. My Audrey impression still needs work, but we still have several months! We plan to submit it to festivals once it’s complete, and I really want it to be something people enjoy.

I’m still not giving up hope for the TV series though. 😉

A Creature of the Sea

There is not a lot of Audrey news to report à ce moment, but I do have some photos I neglected to share with you from last summer in France! I always enjoy dressing up as Ondine, so you haven’t seen the last of her…. 😉

Kendal Fair

There are many dresses I sigh over and hope someday to have and to wear, many of which were worn by Audrey of course, but this one particular dress always stood out. I can’t even say it was my favourite; in fact when I first saw her wearing it in Sabrina I found it a bit odd looking, with its pencil skirt and billowing detachable over-skirt. But it grew on me.

In 2017 I was lucky enough to have the chance to see the actual dress before it went up for auction. Lost and forgotten for years, it had made a surprise appearance out of one of Debbie Reynolds trunks after her passing. I went and took as many photos as I could, a bit of video (though now I wish I had taken more), and measurements, because I knew I would somehow, someday be recreating this dress. That day finally arrived when I stumbled upon a recreation being made by a company on Instagram that advertised affordable recreations of famous dresses. This version had been made printed on satin, but I asked about having it made as close to the original as possible, and was finally on my way to having it made. It took over a year from that initial contact before it was ready to wear, with unexpected delays, a fitting issue, some modifications made at my local seamstress, and then myself sewing on hundreds of little white decorative balls. But she’s done, she’s a beauty, and she’s mine! Now to find an event worthy to wear her to!

For more photos, please visit me at Instagram, and for a video about the original dress and my recreation, scroll down below the photos here!

Our first meeting.
Yards of skirt and way off the shoulders!

Yoga with Audrey!

Hello out there! I’ve been a little quiet, I know. But I’m still here. Still working away at being the best Audrey I can be. I’ve started a weekly livestream on my YouTube channel where I read a chapter of The Nun’s Story in my Audrey voice (which I think is improving, thanks to this weekly practice), and while practicing smoking cigarettes (mainly herbal, don’t worry too much. I’m just a Saturday smoker!). You can visit my channel to find all ten chapters that I’ve read so far. Fourteen more to go! For ten weeks I have not gotten rained out, so we’re going to see what the record is before the weather disrupts the routine.

Today the video I’d like to share with you is a fun one I did, bringing to life a 1958 McCall’s photoshoot Audrey did in a bright red jumpsuit. Several of her yoga poses were named and described, so I took them and created a little yoga video. I would love to do a part two with the remaining poses, although I haven’t been able to find the article itself to see if they were labeled with names as well. I may have to make some names up!

But here is the video, and a couple of pictures I recreated from the spread. If you’d like to see the rest, you can hop on over to my Instagram!

There’s No Place Like Rome

I haven’t been able to write timely blog posts here while traveling, but I’m catching up! My month in Rome ended earlier in September, and the last few days were a flurry of trying to get my important Roman Holiday photoshoots done! I had arranged before my trip to do a photoshoot with a photographer who, like everybody else, was on vacation for most of the month, making him promise that we would work together after he returned on the 28th (because I was leaving on September 2!). A week before he was due to return, I started asking about scheduling, only to find out he hadn’t even booked his return ticket! After days of no replies, I finally rushed to find somebody to help me. I ended up working with three different photographers (and a helpful friend for one last trip to Galleria Colonna) over the last few days of my stay. It was exhausting but totally fulfilling – especially the fact that I managed to do it all without wrinkling my dress! That’s an accomplishment.

Watch out, he bites!

I’m very happy with my photos and now working on getting them edited and organized to start posting on Instagram. I finally finished my video for the month as well! I hope all of this dedication and work is impressive to somebody in the producers office of the Audrey series!!

I hope to visit Rome again sometime soon, perhaps during a month where not everybody is on vacation. There were several people I wanted to see and places I wanted to go, but so many people were out of town and so many businesses closed down that I was left a little disappointed. It was also extremely hot and humid – I’ve never taken so many showers in my life! There was more than one day when I would do too much walking and get completely dehydrated, having to stay in the next day. The routine began to be something like ‘one day out, one day in’! But it was a lovely month getting to know the city a bit better, and I look forward to coming back again.

While I’m writing, I want to mention a NEW Audrey book about to be released. This one is extra special because… I’m in it! I can’t believe I’m going to forever be on the bookshelves of bookshops around the world, tucked inside a book about Audrey Hepburn. Is this my 15 minutes of fame? It’s called Always Audrey, and it was put together by my friend Terence Pepper, in London. It will be available October 1 in the UK, and October 23 in the US. It’s much more expensive in the US, so if you are able to order in Europe, do so!

To order in the UK, click here.

To order in the US, click here.

Now please sit back and enjoy a half an hour in the city of Rome, following in Audrey’s footsteps!

Truly Grateful and Terribly Happy

So before I packed up everything – including Oscar! – to be shipped to France, I made absolutely sure to make a little video for you. I’m a bit of a perfectionist (“A BIT?!” I can hear my parents saying) but I know this is a process, and I want to share it with you. This won’t be the last time I record this speech, because I want to work on everything until I’m completely satisfied. I have a handful of interviews and film scenes I’m working on, in English, French, and Dutch, and I will be posting videos as soon as I’m confident enough to share my progress with them. I will most likely do each of them two or three times, asking for feedback and suggestions along the way. I’m not working with any wonderfully talented directors or Audrey specialists on these things, so I rely on myself and the astute observations of others to refine my impressions.

Anyway, without further ado…