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It Has Begun!

Hello out there! Well, we have some exciting news today – a screenwriter has finally been attached to the Audrey project (click to read the story in Variety). Jacqueline Hoyt will be bringing Audrey to life in this series. I must confess, I am not familiar with her work, but apparently she was their first choice as writer and I’m very glad they didn’t have to “settle” for someone else. Audrey definitely deserves the best.

I’m so happy to hear of some movement on the project, and it honestly reinvigorates me a bit. It’s been a difficult year to have goals, and for this particular goal it was getting difficult to keep up momentum without any end in sight.

I can’t even remember what was going on when last I wrote, but for a brief update on my life – I’m now an official resident of the Netherlands. Thanks to the lockdowns in France (and across the world, which damaged my online income) I made the decision to flee to the Netherlands to stay with my boyfriend, and as the lockdowns dragged on I had to make the decision of whether to find a new place I could afford in France and be separated from everybody I know because of the insane restrictions and border closings, or to stay here and give up my French residency permit. I am disappointed to have to abandon my goals of having a life in France, of becoming French, after so many years invested. But because governments really don’t care about human beings and only about rules and restrictions, I was forced to scrap those dreams and begin again here. It was not the plan and I don’t know what the future holds now. It’s a terribly expensive country and I don’t know how I will ever afford a home here!

But in good news, I’ve been regularly posting videos to my YouTube channel this year, and got monetized in early January as well. I’ve been learning more about herbalism, working on my fountain pen writing skills and getting back to making art. I’m taking some online illustration courses and playing around with watercolours. Plenty going on, since I find so many things interesting and love to learn and do new things! Definitely looking forward to getting back to ballet class, and going swing dancing, and doing all the social things I enjoyed doing. I hope I’m able to start feeling at home here this year. 🙂

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’re interested in some Audrey-related content! I’ve been planning on a few videos and it’s about time for me to make them happen. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know!