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Kendal Fair

There are many dresses I sigh over and hope someday to have and to wear, many of which were worn by Audrey of course, but this one particular dress always stood out. I can’t even say it was my favourite; in fact when I first saw her wearing it in Sabrina I found it a bit odd looking, with its pencil skirt and billowing detachable over-skirt. But it grew on me.

In 2017 I was lucky enough to have the chance to see the actual dress before it went up for auction. Lost and forgotten for years, it had made a surprise appearance out of one of Debbie Reynolds trunks after her passing. I went and took as many photos as I could, a bit of video (though now I wish I had taken more), and measurements, because I knew I would somehow, someday be recreating this dress. That day finally arrived when I stumbled upon a recreation being made by a company on Instagram that advertised affordable recreations of famous dresses. This version had been made printed on satin, but I asked about having it made as close to the original as possible, and was finally on my way to having it made. It took over a year from that initial contact before it was ready to wear, with unexpected delays, a fitting issue, some modifications made at my local seamstress, and then myself sewing on hundreds of little white decorative balls. But she’s done, she’s a beauty, and she’s mine! Now to find an event worthy to wear her to!

For more photos, please visit me at Instagram, and for a video about the original dress and my recreation, scroll down below the photos here!

Our first meeting.
Yards of skirt and way off the shoulders!