My New Year’s Resolution? Start Smoking!

Pretty funny, right? While so many people set their New Year’s resolution to stop smoking, mine is to start! Herbal, of course. My family used to be in the tobacco industry about a hundred years ago, and because they all smoked back then, I got to see the results. My grandma didn’t seem too affected, she died around 80 years old. But my grandpa died when I was a child, and all I really remember was the tracheotomy, the tube in his throat, the oxygen tubes in his nose… he was always seated in his chair in the living room. I was never tempted to start smoking tobacco.

This is a temporary resolution. Just enough to look like I know what I’m doing, to play a role, and then most likely never to pick up another herbal cigarette again!

I made a video of me smoking my second cigarette (I could lie and say it was my first, but I won’t!), so I could get some feedback on how to properly smoke, from all you smokers out there. I’m lacking an ashtray at the moment so I’m a bit of a mess. I’ll get it together eventually!!

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5 Responses

  1. Niko says:

    Hey Audrey!
    If you want I could give you some tips and tricks so you look much more professional when you are smoking!
    Do you kno KiK? Thats a massanger for the phone where you dont have to share your number. We could talk there a bit about smoking, only if you want of course.
    My name there is: H3yH0
    (the last chapta is a “zero” as a number)

    Hope to hear from you!

    • inaudreysshoes_5tga4f says:

      Hey Niko! Thanks for the offer! I have a couple smokers to observe but thank you! Oh, I have heard of KiK but I have so many darn apps on my phone it’s one I haven’t added. lol. 😀

  2. mark says:

    I watched the video and you look kinda ok smoking. you inhale fine only thing i would say is take more confident hits on the cigarette i will give you some tips below

    1. When you take a hit suck on it a bit harder for like 5 seconds and try not to look scared

    2. When you take the cigarette out of your mouth the way to learn to inhale is kinda like take a half yawn (so you feel the smoke go down your throat) then hold it for a few seconds and just blow out slowly

    3. To get more comfortable smoking i would say try a few normal cigarettes they taste a little better than herbal ones (just to get used to inhaling)

    4. Just relax when you smoke and instead of looking like you are trying to learn to smoke just act like you are a smoker

    5. Youtube some videos of people smoking and watch their videos and just try and copy them. sometimes it is easier to see how other people smoke and try and do it like that

    6. Upload more progress videos

  3. Dutch people as Audrey Hepburn says:

    You are crazy. Audrey had lung cancer by smoking and will you the same cancer?

    • inaudreysshoes_5tga4f says:

      I’m not sure why you think she had lung cancer… she never had lung cancer. She had appendiceal cancer. You don’t get that from smoking. Also, you most likely don’t get cancer from smoking an infrequent herbal cigarette that contains no nicotine or tobacco or chemicals.

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